$4,432.25 For Another Elementary School!

Last Friday, Mar Vista Elementary hosted Jersey Jim’s FunTastic Family Fundraising Illusion Show.  They choose to have two shows, one at 5 pm and one at 7 pm.  Their auditorium was packed.  Everyone had a great time, especially the kids (though the adults laughed just as much).

Best of all, the school raised a total of $4,576.25 in one evening of family fun with minimal prep time.  Jim’s Comedy Magic Show Fundraiser for schools is the easiest fundraiser your school will ever hold and the results speak for themselves:  great family entertainment which raises lots of free money for the school.

I say “free money” because those entertainment dollars would be otherwise going to a movie or some other corporate profit-making entertainment.  Why not let your school reap the benefits while hosting a one-of-a-kind, live Las Vegas-scale illusion show that will give your population a unique experience that can be enjoyed as a family.

The Fundraiser Poster in School's Main Hall

The Fundraiser Poster in School’s Main Hall

Here is another great picture from the shows:

Jersey Jim's Magic Snowstorm Illusion

Magical Snowstorm!

Below is the email I received from the school’s committee wherein they analyse their profits:

First of all Jim, thank you for the great shows and helping us raise the money for MVSEG! Thank you Uttara and Jennifer for all of your work on this.

Ticket Sales:                                       $4569

Unpaid Ticket Sales:                       $144 ( I am working on collecting and making sure they did not pay at the event).

Popcorn and Light up toys:          $531.25

Pizza, chips, water sales:              $737


Total:                                                     $5837.25 (not including $144)


Pizza                                                      $555

Permit:                                                 ? (not sure of there was a fee)

Jersey Jim                                            $850

Total:                                                     $1405

Profit:                                                $4432.25