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Most Amazing Birthday Party by Loving Parents

As a professional birthday magician, every weekend I see how much parents love their children as reflected by the huge effort they put into producing amazing birthday parties for their little ones.  These lucky children are being shown, not told, how much their parents love them.

If you want to know how you can put on the most amazing, over the top birthday parties with little cost for your child, read to the end to find Jersey Jim’s inexpensive secrets for sending your child’s birthday joy into orbit.


Hosting any birthday party is a big job but there are some parents who go above and beyond.   These parents aren’t only the wealthiest ones who might hire big halls or multiple entertainers.  Many of these parents are the ones who do most of the heavy lifting themselves in order to make their child’s dream party a reality.

One family went so far as to built a huge archway entrance to their child’s Micky Mouse-theme party!

Parent's Created an Archway to Alex's Birthday Party!
Parent’s Created an Archway to Alex’s Birthday Party!

There have been a number of amazing Harry Potter Parties where parents have recreated Hogwarts in their own backyards.

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Party
Parents Created a Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Party!

Recently, however, I performed at a birthday party that was the most elaborate I have ever seen. It had to be seen to be believed and it “took the cake” as the most incredible birthday party I have ever attended. The entire backyard was themed as a WIlly Wonka birthday for a very lucky little boy.

The Amazing Willy Wonka Birthday Party

Willy Wonka themed Birthday Party

There was a giant Wonka Vision TV for taking pictures. Here I am with the birthday mom who is perfectly dressed as Willy Wonka herself.

Wonka Vision TV, featuring Birthday Mom and Jersey Jim Magician

There was even a real live Oompa Loompa there!

Jersey Jim with real life Oompa Loompa

Most of the guests also got into the swing with amazing Willy Wonka outfits.

Little Oompa Loompas too

The backyard was filled with many set pieces from the Willy Wonka film, including the grandparent’s poster bed in the backyard, a giant nice-or-naughty chair, Wonka themed Pinata, and Billy’s Candy Shop, where guests got Golden Tickets along with their candy.

Most of the parents were inspired and came in Wonka costumes also.

After my magic show, I never wanted to leave! And to finish things off, the most amazing Willy Wonka hat birthday cake and goody bags.

How could these parents have all done this you ask? It certainly helped that mom was a professional art director from the movie industry! However, all parents are able to achieve the same special birthday parties for their children as well, and here is how:

Jersey Jim, a nationally-known children’s magician, has compiled 25, inexpensive, do-it-yourself ways to make your child’s birthday party the most special ever!



You already have all the love in the world for your child.  All you need are Jim’s creative ways to show it more clearly than ever before.  Click above to learn how.

Jim is sharing his professional secrets with parents to become your child’s hero.  It’s not the birthday gifts your child will remember for the rest of their lives.  It’s the love.

Jersey Jim’s birthday-themed birthday magic shows are another easy way to bring joy to young and old alike.


You have planned for your child’s outdoor birthday party for weeks, and then, a few days before the party, the weatherman says it is likely to rain on your child’s special day!  What do you? 

Keep calm!  There are ways to cope with rain and still have a great party.

Number One: Have a Plan

If the party was going to be at a park, rent or buy some tents to hold the party under.  You can rent tents of many sizes from party stores. They are also inexpensive to buy from many sporting good stores, typically in a 10 by 10 foot size.  If it doesn’t rain after all, the tents will give you welcomed shade for everyone to enjoy and keep the birthday cake from melting in the sun.

Jersey Jim has done many very successful comedy magic shows under tents in the pouring rain.  While it certainly requires some extra effort to stage shows under these conditions, in Jersey Jim’s professional experience as the most entertaining family magician in Los Angeles, it also adds an element of excitement to the show and party.  Everyone feels like “we’re in this together and we’re making it happen for the birthday child no matter what.”

If the outside party was planned at your home, of course, the easiest thing to do would be to move the party and the Jersey Jim’s Birthday magic show inside the house.  Did you know that there are some birthday magicians who will not even perform magic shows outside?  Jersey Jim’s has designed his birthday magic shows to be performed either inside or outside. 

Jersey Jim About to Levitate Birthday Child In Living Room

What if you feel you don’t have room for the magic show inside your home?  Jersey Jim has performed his birthday magic shows in very small apartments.  Perhaps Jim’s largest, Floating Child Extravagance floating child birthday magic show, requires a larger room, however Jim has many other birthday magic show packages that can be performed in very tight spaces.

But what if you don’t want your nice clean home to be trampled by 25 screaming kids and parents?  That was the whole reason you planned the party to be held outside!  In that case, another option is to clear out the garage.  The garage is a great place to stage the birthday party in case of rain.  Jersey Jim has performed many hilarious birthday magic shows in garages on rainy days.  Many parents choose to hold the magic show in their garages whether it’s raining or not.

If neither of these options work, you could choose to employ tents as we talked about earlier and use the cover of tents to still hold your party in the backyard.  Jersey Jim has seen many parties conducted this way.  Sometimes the tents are as big as the backyard itself!  But the smaller, 10 by 10 foot tents,  also work fine in this situation depending on how many guests you have.  Covered patios are also another option to keep everyone out of the rain.  By the way, tents are also a good idea to protect guests from blinding afternoon sun as well, which can also put a damper on the party fun.

Another thought, there’s nothing wrong with getting wet!  The rain could be a fun part of the party if you choose to incorporate it.

Jersey Jim has very personal experience with rain and birthday parties and not just as the best birthday magician in the world.  Jersey Jim is a loving parent also.  Jim’s son’s birthday is in March, a very rainy month, and he has dealt with rain at his son’s birthday party for many years.

Number Two

Reassure the birthday child that their party is still going to happen whether it rains or not!  Children are better able to accept things if they are not surprised.  Let your child know in advance that there might be rain on their party day and that it will be okay even if it does rain.  Tell them about the rain plan, and they will feel empowered by knowing what to expect.  This could actually be a good life lesson about how we all need to be flexible in life.  When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Number Three

Make sure your invitations say that the party will happen “Rain Or Shine.”  You don’t want no one to show up because they assume the rain means that your child’s birthday party must be canceled!  What could be worse than no friends showing up for your child’s birthday party?!

I put “Rain or Shine” on all my son’s birthday invitations, but there was still one friend who did not show up because, the father later told me, he thought the party must have been canceled because of the rain.  He obviously did not read the invitation, but the good news is that everyone else did read the invitation, and all but one of my son’s friends showed up for his party.

Jersey Jim is a the funniest and friendliest birthday magician and his birthday magic shows are the most entertaining in the entire world. Jersey Jim was chosen by Universal Studios to be the birthday magician in the film “Couples Retreat.” Please call or email for dates to bring Jersey Jim Comedy Magician to your child’s birthday party. It will be a show that everyone will remember for years and years.

Magician’s Live Bunny Rabbit

“Are you going to pull a rabbit out of your hat?!” How many times have magicians heard this question? Lots of times!

Rocky the Rabbit appears!

Making a live rabbit appear from the magician’s top hat is one of the most classic and expected tricks in magic. Pulling a rabbit out of an empty hat was first performed by Magician Louis Comte in 1814.

By the way, making a rabbit or anything else “appear” from nothing is known by magicians as a “Production.” We say the magician “produced” the rabbit. A “production” is one of the main magical effects we do along with a “vanish” (making something disappear) or a “restoration” (tearing or cutting something and putting it magically back together), and a “levitation” (making something or someone float in the air). Jersey Jim’s shows include all of these effects.

Now, getting back to live bunny rabbits. Not every magician has a live bunny rabbit as part of their shows these days. But making a live bunny rabbit appear is a sure crowd pleaser. Perhaps no other trick gets the gasps of wonder as seeing a sweet, soft, adorable bunny rabbit suddenly appear out of thin air. And of course, nothing makes kids happier than a chance to meet and pet Jersey Jim’s live bunny rabbit after the show.

Kids Love Rocky the Rabbit

Jersey Jim’s live bunny rabbit is named “Rocky the Rabbit.” Rocky appears to the strains of the theme music from the movie “Rocky.” Rocky the rabbit is the softest bunny you and your children will ever pet. “He’s softer than a cloud!” I have heard kids exclaim. And it’s true. Rocky is as soft as a mink. This is because his breed of rabbit–a Mini Rex–actually were originally bred to make coats out of sadly.

Rocky the magic Rabbit and a friend

Magicians have used rabbits in their shows for hundreds of years because rabbits are the perfect assistants for a magic show. This is because of their traits and personalities. Rabbits like to hide in small, dark spaces. They are completely happy when they are hiding, so you can see why this makes them a good match for becoming magical assistants.

Jersey Jim’s magic bunny, Rocky the Rabbit, also has other traits that make him perfect for Jersey Jim’s comedy magic shows. Rocky is totally calm and he loves being petted by all the children. “Rocky knows he is the star of the show and he loves all the attention,” Jersey Jim says.

When he is not performing magic show, Rocky the Rabbit is Jersey Jim’s much loved pet. “He lives inside with my me and my son, who loves him.” Rocky loves to hop around and his favorite food is lettuce. (He doesn’t like carrots!)

Jersey Jim's Magic Show Rabbit
Rocky the Rabbit at Home

If you would like to enjoy the most entertaining, magical, and hilarious magic show, call or email Jersey Jim Comedy Magician for all your entertainment needs. Choose a magician who is also a great entertainer. Rocky the Rabbit is sure to charm everyone’s heart.

Best Kids Magician

What makes Jersey Jim the best kids magician?  Simple:  entertainment value.

Jersey Jim is an accomplished magician, but the secret to his success, and the reason schools and families keep having Jim back year after year and the reason kids tell their parents they want Jersey Jim to come back over and over is because he is  also a great entertainer!

“I’ve never seen kids laugh so hard with their full hearts!” one preschool owner said.

Laughing Birthday Sisters at Jersey Jim's Magic Show

Laughing Birthday Sisters at Jersey Jim’s Magic Show

Many adults are shocked by how Jersey Jim can keep young children entertained and fully engaged for hours.  “The kids don’t want Jim to stop!”  How does Jersey Jim do it?  How does he keep children entertained non stop for hours on end?  It’s simple:  he keeps the children involved in his magic shows.  That’s the magic word:  involved.

Kids just don’t want to just sit there and watch magic, Jim says.  Children want to be involved.  So, the same way that Jerry Seinfeld plans his stand up shows so that every 5 to 7 seconds he’s getting a laugh, Jersey Jim likewise plans his routines so that every 5 or 7 seconds his  audience of children are involved.

Jim does this by using some simple but extremely effective techniques.  One is called “Look Don’t See,” where the children see something but Jim doesn’t.  Another way is the magic doesn’t work until the children say the magic word, another example is Jim will simple call something the wrong color and the children have to correct  him. “As simple as that sounds, the kids love it,” Jim contents.

100 laughing children at Jersey Jim's library show

100 laughing children at Jersey Jim’s library show

They love it because it makes them feel superior to an adult.  Think about it from a child’s point of view.  Children live in a world where the adults have all the power over them.  But if you can give a child a sense of power over an adult, it’s a very powerful and joyful experience for them, and, sometimes, it’s the first time they’ve ever felt that way,

Another bit Jim does is an example of “look don’t see:” Jersey Jim sometimes wears a wizard hat and every time he takes off the hat to take a bow, the kids see that he’s wearing a toilet plunger on his head. ” “They’re pointing and laughing and I’m telling them to stop laughing at me because I’m a serious magician,” Jersey Jim explains.  And, by the way, while Jim is employing that gag, he is cutting and restoring a rope three times, which is very powerful sleight of hand, but he’s making it all about the kids having a great time.  That is what is why so many people call Jersey Jim the best kids magician they have ever seen.

(Above video posted by parent who claimed, Jersey Jim the Best Kids Magician they had ever seen)

Every one of Jim’s magic tricks is part of a full routine–like a game–that the children are involved with.  And, unlike most other magicians, Jersey Jim creates his own original magic routines that you will see from no other magician.

But the kids aren’t the only ones laughing and have a great time at Jersey Jim’s children magic shows.  The adults are laughing and entertained just as much as the kids.  The parents and adults love seeing the children having fun and being in these adorable situations, but Jim also includes lots of humor for the adults that go right over the children’s heads but leave the adults laughing their butts off.

You see that in testimonial after testimonial where adults say we had as much fun as the kids did.  So, it turns out, Jersey Jim isn’t just the Best Kids Magician they’ve seen, he is also the most entertaining magician period.

Birthday Magician Amazed by How Much Parents Love Their Children

As a professional children’s entertainer, I get to see how much parents love their children as demonstrated by the wonderful birthday parties they put on for their little ones.  It is a heartwarming experience to see the happy faces of the children as they enjoy their birthday parties with friends and family.  The children bask in the joy of the knowledge that they are so special to their parents.

While hosting a birthday party is such a big job and a wonderful gift that parents give their children, there are some parents who go above and beyond.  These parents aren’t only the wealthiest ones who might hire big halls or multiple entertainers.  Many of these parents are the ones who do most of the heavy lifting themselves in order to make their child’s dream party a reality.

Recently, I performed a birthday magic show at for a little boy whose parents had created a Harry Potter-themed birthday party for him by recreated a room from Hogwarts!

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Party

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Party

The mother made floating candles by gluing battery powered tea candles to the tops of toilet roll tubes which were painted white and hung from the ceiling using fishing line.  She even created the illusion of melting wax on the sides of the candles by using a hot glue gun.  The father went to the extreme of using dry ice to make the cauldrons boil and bubble.  What a lucky little boy!

Dry Ice Brings The Cauldrons to Life

Dry Ice Brings The Cauldrons to Life

I was so impressed by all the love and attention and hours these loving parents put into creating this charming fantasy for their son.  He was a sweet little boy and he deserved it.

At another recent party, I was struck by an uncle who went above and beyond!  This uncle was a printer by trade, and he took it upon himself to create this incredible, giant, birthday archway that led into the backyard where his nephew’s party was being held.

Archway to Alex's Birthday Party

Archway to Alex’s Birthday Party

I had never seen anything like that before.  It just goes to show how much parents love their children, and, as long as that purest of love exists in the world, we can have hope for the future.

Jersey Jim is a nationally-known children’s magician and he has compiled 25 do-it-yourself ways to make your child’s birthday party the most special ever!



You already have all the love in the world for your child.  All you need are Jim’s creative ways to show it more clearly than ever before.  Click the above picture to learn how.

Jim is sharing his professional secrets with parents to become your child’s hero.  It’s not the birthday gifts your child will remember for the rest of their lives.  It’s the love.

Jersey Jim is also a loving father; he understands the love we all feel for our children.

The Magician's Own Son

The Magician’s Own Son

Kids Love Rocky The Magical Rabbit!

Kids and adults alike love spending time with Rocky the rabbit, who appears in Jersey Jim’s comedy birthday shows.  He is the softest rabbit you will ever pet and cuddle.  One birthday girl said, “He’s softer than a cloud!”

Rocky the Rabbit Jersey Jim's magic show

Birthday Boy Loves Rocky the Rabbit

Rocky’s breed was actually bred for making coats (sadly) but that is why he is as soft as a mink coat.  Everyone is amazed by how soft he feels when they first pet him.

Jersey Jim and Rocky the Rabbit

Jim and Rocky the Rabbit

Rocky can even talk!  He first appears in the show as a puppet, who acts like a naughty little boy, which the kids really love!  He hits Jersey Jim with balloons and pulls silks out of Jim’s vest pockets and he never listens.  Then Rocky returns later in the show and admits that his wish has never come true, which was to become a real live Rabbit.

Jersey Jim holds a microphone to Rocky’s mouth and everyone melts to hear his sweet little voice for the first time.  He sounds precious, just like Thumper in Disney’s Bambi movie.

Rocky asks Jersey Jim if he can turn him into a real rabbit but Jim says they will need the birthday child to do the magic.  The birthday child waves his magic wand (a gift that every birthday child gets in the Jersey Jim magic shows) and everyone gasps as they see Rocky the puppet rabbit visibly turn into a real live bunny!

Everyone screams with delight and the kids can’t wait to pet Rocky.  And Rocky loves to be petted.  He knows he is a big star.

That is just one of the amazing moments in Jersey Jim’s award winning birthday magic shows.

100 laughing children at Jersey Jim's library show

What Makes a Great Children’s Magic Show? Chapter 1

Essay Number One: “How Do I Pick My Children’s Magician?”

Or, “Avoiding a false economy.”

I will be posting a series of articles that address the question: what makes a great children’s magic show? These essays will draw on my personal experience from having supported myself and my family as a full-time, professional magician for many years in the competitive market of Southern California, the entertainment capital of the world.
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