Omega Downloader 2020 Software Bug Fixed!

Good news for users of End of Day Supercharts and Tradestation users who use the old omega downloader software to download end of day stock data from dialdata. A professional computer programmer has fixed the 2020 bug and the downloader software is working perfectly again.

As you may know, the omega downloader suddenly and unexpectedly stopped working on December 31, 2019, leaving us unable to download our end of day stock data. I could not accept this so I hired a professional programmer to see if he could fix the bug in the downloader. He was able to find and permanently fix the bug in the downloader’s software. There is no 2020 bug in the supercharts and tradestation programs by the way.

I have been successfully using the fixed downloader program for two weeks now to download my end of day stock data from dialdata once again. What a relief it was to have the program working again. I could not accept giving up the use of my supercharts and tradestsation 4.0 systems that I had programmed and used over the years.

If any of my fellow users of this software would like to have their omega downloader fixed, please email me at The fix is only two small files that go into the Omega/Prog folder.

I told dialdata about the software being fixed but they have refused to inform my fellow users of this fact. I am posting this here as a blog in case you are still searching for a fix to the bug in the software.

Please email me if you are interested in the fixed software. Thank you. Jim