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What Makes a Great Children’s Magic Show? Chapter 1

Essay Number One: “How Do I Pick My Children’s Magician?”

Or, “Avoiding a false economy.”

I will be posting a series of articles that address the question: what makes a great children’s magic show? These essays will draw on my personal experience from having supported myself and my family as a full-time, professional magician for many years in the competitive market of Southern California, the entertainment capital of the world.
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Magician Father Makes His 8-Year-Old Son Appear On Stage From Thin Air!

I’m a professional magician performing in the Los Angeles area.  For years, my son, Wesley, who is now 8, has wanted to be involved in all of daddy’s magic shows, whether big or small.

Wesley would sometimes come to my public shows but I would not be able to pick him because I felt it wouldn’t be fair to the other kids who had never seen my shows before or had never had a chance to help a magician before.
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