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Corporate Magic Show

"Jim, your show was awesome!  
My son was dying with laughter!"

--Jack Black, movie star

"Jim, you were great!"
Kristin Davis with Jersey Jim at the wrap party for the movie, "Couples Retreat"

Birthday Moms Love Jersey Jim

Preschool Testimonial

Preschool Testimonial

Library Testimonial

Library Testimonial

Library Testimonial

Happy Birthday Parents 

Adult Birthday Testimony

Happy Birthday Mom Angela 

Happy Birthday Mom Christina 

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Jersey Jim shooting scene from
"Couples Retreat"

Happy Birthday Mom Diana



When Hollywood Needed a Magician, Universal Studios Cast 
Jersey Jim in the film "Couples Retreat!"



"Jim, you were fantastic! We all loved your magic skills and your unique, natural sense of comedy.  Several of the parents commented on your humor and how it made them think of the comic greats- Mel Brooks, Robin Williams, Jerry Lewis. Thank you so much for making Jasper's party a unique and memorable one."
--Matthew, Sierra, Jasper and Lucille


"Hi Jim, Just wanted to thank you again for an awesome party.  As always you were great and the kids loved your tricks.  You are the best!  I have to say you even entertained the parents.
Thanks again,"


"We've seen many magicians at previous parties, but you were by far the very best and most entertaining.  We would definitely recommend you to our friends."

--the Chen's


"I have never seen kids laugh so much.  They thought you were hilarious!  Everyone at the party told us how much they liked the show.  Thank you!  Sam had a fabulous day!"

--the Parekhs


"Dear Jim, thank you so were such a huge hit at the "Big Boo" (Halloween Fair) this year.  We really do hope you keep us in mind for next year!"

 --Nancy Gardos and Mary Conner

Mar Vista Elementary PTA


"Interaction between you and the kids was amazing!  You seem so genuine and sincere, it was refreshing!  Loved meeting you and wish you the best.  Thank you for being so generous with your time!  Amber loved the balloon hat you made for her!"

 --Pam Lee


"Just wanted to thank you again. The kids had a blast.  And my mother-in-law just couldn't stop raving about you!"

 --Kathy Nagel


"Great humor that kept both children and adults entertained!  The incorporation of music was cool too!  Jersey Jim was a hit at our son, Kofi's party.  The children & adults were kept in stitches the entire time!"

 --Tessa Posnansky


"Your show made Ernest's party a truly special event.  The guests did not stop talking about what a wonderful magician you were.  Most importantly, you made Ernest very happy and gave him a birthday he will never forget!!"

 --George Williams


"Jim, you were just awesome.  My 5 year old would like to have you at her 6th birthday party--Laughs!!--get ready."

--Agnes Jourdan


"Dear Jim, just wanted to...say how delighted everyone was with your show at our daughter's Christening.  Having 70 adults and 25 kids at a party it was a challenge how to keep them entertained.  You did a fabulous job holding everyone's interest and putting a smile on everyone's face.  I received many compliments on the great job I did getting such awesome entertainment!  So I guess I congratulate myself on the immense luck I had in finding you!  Thank you again!  PS:  My son is already saving his chore money so he can pay for having you come to his B'Day party in January!!!"

--Dana Inoescu


"Jersey Jim, it was awesome; DJ loved it and still talks about you.  As an adult, I thought you were hilarious."

--Officer Dwayne Palasio


"Everyone enjoyed it!  I have never seen a group of 4 to 13 year olds sit through a performance like this with no one moving.  They were completely absorbed.  We look forward to having you back!  Thank you!"

--Nikki Biers, The Best Gift Adoptions, Inc. 2009


"Your interaction with the kids, and also older audience members, along with the humor was wonderful.  Thank you for making our picnic complete and for the joy on those little faces.  PS:  Several people asked how to contact you."

--Nikki Biers, The Best Gift Adoptions, Inc. 2010


"I loved watching all the children laughing continuously and participating in the show.  Everyone said the show was great.  The children and adults loved every minute of it."

--Michelle Ashley


"Trevor and all the kids have continued to talk about the show daily.  (Our favorites were:) Trevor floating in the air and the magic ball and books on fire."

--Angela Caton


"While the show was for the children, the one-liners inserted for adults were great.  Well done, Jim.  See you next year."

--Mike & Lori Bone


"Worthy of Groucho!  Wonderful charm and enthusiasm and excellent sense of wacky humor.  Very stylish.  We want to see you again soon!"

--Lisa Sanderson


"You were hysterical and the kids are still talking about it!"

 --The Zuckers


"As the children were leaving with their goodie bags, one child said to his parent, "Hey, mom, forget the jumper, I want this guy at my party!"

--Ms. Julie Rogers


"You were wonderful! friends thought you were great with the kids and want to book you in the future."

--the Castro's


"Thanks again for making Armen's birthday so great.  He got lots of positive feedback at school after his party.  The kids really enjoyed your show and games."

--Dr. Elizabeth Ghamsari


"Jim's interaction with both the children and the adults really kept everyone on board with him.  Everyone LOVED it! and I keep getting comments from adults about it.  The children have also been heard talking about Jim and some of his tricks to this day!  Thanks, Jim, for all that you do!  I know being a parent of a young child takes a lot of love and attention; we're very lucky that you would share some of that love with our kids.  Good luck with your son!"

 --Jeanne Yeo


"It was awesome the way you used audience participation in the show (especially my mom!)  It was wonderful how you blended comedy both for the adults and the children.  Everyone had a blast!!"

 --George Williams


"Awesome!  Loved it!  Your energy, enthusiasm, talent, confidence, craziness, and all around attitude.  Thank you!  You were so funny and exactly what I wanted."

 --The Sikes


"We absolutely loved the show!  All the kids--ages between 11 to 2 were spellbound!  We can't wait to hire Jim again for an all-adult magic show!"

--The Kemps


"Eric said it was his best birthday party ever due to your show.  Thanks!"

--The Jensens


"Jersey Jim has become a legend in our household!  Thank you.  Perfect for the whole audience, not just the children!"

--The Fitzgeralds


"I loved how you had Anthony and (we, his) parents participate.  We had an amazing time!  Thank you for an unforgettable party!"

--Judy Alvarez


"Thank you, Jersey Jim!  Everyone commented positively on the show.  It was perfect for our age group, 4-75!  We were amazed at how still the children sat for 1 hour.  You should see the photos:  wide eyes and mouths open in awe!"

--Nannette Babich


"You riveted the kids' attention for 60 minutes straight!"

--the Nazareths


"Thank you for a great show.  Wanted to thank you personally for fabulous entertainment.   The kind that pleased kids and adults alike.  Hope you had fun too!"

 --Ms. Cloe Jazwinski


"It was a fantastic performance.  Everyone was laughing a lot."

 --Mrs. Corey Drake


"(We most liked) the bunny show.  It was cute.  We had a great time with Jim.  He knows how to catch the kid's hearts and is up tempo till the end.  Thank you, Jim!!  We love you!!  

 --Mrs. Hitomi Suzuki


"Dear Jim, thank you so much for making another day in our boys life so were extraordinaire.  Thank you for the magic kit, too.  You made one rainy day a shiny happy one!  Roll on magic!  All the best to you and yours."
--Branka & Farino boys


"Skylar and all of her friends are still talking about Jersey Jim.  You were a big hit!  Thanks."

 --Mrs. Debra Echard


"The kids liked the book that caught fire.  I liked the sleight of hand card tricks after the show.  Most enjoyable for the entire family!"

 --Mr. Mike Bone


"[We really liked] the pacing, humor, audience rapport, music, expert skill level.  Very professional and prepared.  You adeptly dealt with the vicissitudes of the audience and just went with the flow."

--Mary Richardson


"Fantastic!  My son is still talking about you and the "big money."  Thanks for coming."

--Mrs. Julie Rogers


"The children were captivated, participated and laughed throughout the show."

 --Mrs. Rebecca Gambos


"Captivating and engaging both the young and older children and also the adults.  Thank you so much for the wonderful performance.  Paloma says it was the best birthday party ever."

 --Mrs. Sufei Koo


"I've been meaning to send you a note thanking you for the great performance at my kid's birthday party.  JR just got to see the levitation act on video and was amazed.  All of my guests had a great time; the magic show was definitely the highlight of the party.  Kudos to you and Rocky!!!"

--Esther N. Arellano


"(We really liked) the floating (and your) ability to keep children and adults engaged for one hour.  All our guests loved the show, and will...use you in the future.  Thank you.  

 --The Shalevs


"The performance entertained all children and maintained their interest at high level at all time.  Parents enjoyed observing the children's many priceless reactions!  I appreciate the professionalism throughout the entire booking process.  The performance was outstanding.  Thank you for making our birthday celebration a memorable one!"

--the Burke's


"(What I most liked was) the bunny puppet (and) queen-for-a-day outfit.  Great show, great energy, participation excellent.  I've already recommended him and I will again."

--the Elizondos


"We all loved your performance.  My daughter, before sleeping, said, "I wish the day would start all over again from the time the magician came."

--the Kazimis


"(The) coins out of Lily's nose (was the) best (and) levitating Lily.  Lily says "He was awesome.""

--Rochelle Fanali


"Jersey Jim managed the audience, kept it moving and even included funny laughs for the adults!  Thank you!"

--Martha Shanks


"Very interactive with the crowd, adults and children.  This was the first children birthday party that I have been to were the adults had as much fun as the children.  We loved you!  Thanks sooo much."

--Dolores Nguidjol


"Everything was wonderful.  We love you, Jersey Jim."

--Tracy Scheff


"It takes a great talent to keep 20 plus five-year olds entertained for an hour.  You did an amazing job.  A lot of the parents told me how much they loved your show.  Thanks for making Tess' party a great success!!"

--Amy Feldman


"Jim really engages the children.  His tricks and games are very age appropriate, great variety, great pacing...he connects to the children and they respond to him very enthusiastically."

--the Powers


"You included everyone around you (with) your happy spirit and smile.  You amazed the adults by keeping the children's interest for so long!!  You're great.  I will recommend you to all I know...Thanks for making Robby's birthday a magical one.  He'll always remember Jersey Jim!"

--the Schraers


"You were great!  You treated the kids with respect, showed great patience and a willingness to teach and share magic."

--the Woos


"(We especially liked) the indirect adult humor!  The fact that all the children were entertained and that my son felt special."

--the Narezs


"Goodie bags were great!  Kids and parents loved the show!"

--Dara Hoostal


"(The) Levitation trick was great.  We really appreciated the card tricks after the show; they were awesome!!  Thanks!!"

--Silvia Tejero-Suarez


"Thank you.  You really put your heart in it!"

--Margot Merrick


"You were funny and got the attention of the kids and adults as well so the show was interesting for all ages.  My daughter had a good time even though she was shy so thank you for making her day and the day of her friends so magical."

--Pierrette Semaan


"Great tricks and kept (the) audience entertained as well as make the atmosphere pleasant and inviting.   Anthony will remember you for a long time.  You were great.  Thank you."

--Mrs. Jackie Rios


"Great tricks and kept (the) audience entertained as well as make the atmosphere pleasant and inviting.   Anthony will remember you for a long time.  You were great.  Thank you."

--Mrs. Jackie Rios


"Jim:  Thank you for performing at my son's Bar Mitzvah on May 24 at the California Yacht Club.  You provided my son, my family and friends with special memories.  Thanks for putting a fabulous show on for all at the reception.  Wow, you really impressed when you matched our friend Art's one liners...!  We appreciate the extra time you spent with the boys at the workshop.  Jeff and I received many compliments on your show.  Keep up the good work with your special talents.
Janine, Jeff and David"

"Humorous magician + wondrous looks on children's faces = great party!  Thank you so much for the fabulous show!  You were the talk of the preschool set for weeks--kids & parents!"

--Dawn Sassoon


"I really enjoyed that your show involved people of all ages.  You were friendly and funny.  We all appreciated your professionalism!"

--Stephanie Halpern, Gelson's


"Jersey Jim will have you laughing one moment and spellbound the next.  He's unforgettable, unbelievable, and unrelentingly funny!  I would hire him anytime again."  

--Venice California Carneval


"...My 50 guests really had a great time.  Quick witted, great timing on jokes.  Thank you very much for (a) great show.  Most important, my wife had a great time."

--John Wilhelm


"Still, after two weeks, (the) kids are still talking about.  Jim showed up on time, was very organized, and is a very polite and pleasant person."

--the Rahman's


"Audrey says you are awesome!!  You rock!  {I most liked) the Rachel Ray birthday cookies act and the taste."

--Niki Forouzan


"I loved seeing the children's participation.  Having the kids participate as "helpers" was great.  Showing them tricks at the end of the show was a plus!  Keep up the good work!"

--the Blanco's


"You are able to captivate the kids, which is a tough thing to do.  Your adult comedy and humor is great and parents laugh at your adult-type jokes--thanx again!"

--Diane & Robert Naaman


"Jim, truly appreciated your personal touch for our Christmas party.  You performance turned our party into an outstanding event."

--Steve Dale



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