Who is Jersey Jim comedy magician?


Jersey Jim is very proud of his home state.  "The home of Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen... and Tony Soprano!"


When Jim first drove West, he had his mechanic check his oil, his tires, his transmission.  "When he heard I was driving to Los Angeles, he checked my Karma."


Jim has been a magician since the age of 12, when he received his first magic kit.  By 14, he was performing at birthday parties and challenging local police officers to handcuff him like his hero, Houdini.  And, like Houdini, Jim always escaped.


In creating his Magic and Illusion shows, Jim draws on his experience as a graduate of the prestigious UCLA film school and as a working Hollywood screenwriter to create original, hilarious, character-driven routines that you will see from no other magician.  Jim also designs and builds his own one-of-a-kind equipment.


Jim was cast in the Vince Vaughn film, "Couples Retreat."  When Universal studios went looking for the best family magician in Los Angeles, they cast Jersey Jim!  "It was an honor being picked by Vince Vaughn from all the other magicians in Los Angeles," Jim says.


As a certificated California teacher, Jim offers educational programs for schools and libraries.  He also offers a Family Fundraising Program for schools that raise thousands of dollars for schools with zero financial obligation.    Go to www.EducateLikeMagic.com to learn more about Jim's education programs.


Jim also produces and performs his own 90-minute comedy illusion show at regional theaters throughout the country.  Go to www.FunTasticMagicShow.com to learn more about Jim's theater shows.


Jim is a pupil of the world-famous and famously funny British magician, Gazzo Osborne.  Jim is also co-author of Gazzo's book, "The Art of Krowd Keeping," a comprehensive study in audience management, which has been hailed by other magicians as  a classic in the field.


Jim is a member of the Writers Guild of America, holds two California teaching credentials, a BA in film production, and a Masters of Fine Arts in screenwriting.


Whether it's a black tie corporate affair, a bustling trade show booth, strolling magic, or a birthday party, Jersey Jim's Comedy Magic is ready to amaze, amuse, and create magical memories to last a lifetime.


Jim's comedy is a "howl" and his magic is a "wow!"


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Jersey Jim at 
The Hollywood Magic Castle

Jersey Jim's magic book which is considered a classic in the field.  
"If you want to captivate an audience and keep them amazed, this is the book for you."

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Jim is also a proud father so he understands the love we all feel for our children

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Jim is a screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild of America:  WGA

Jim was an experienced skydiver by the age of 16 with 300 jumps and holds the SCR & SCS skydiving awards

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Jim, at 16, under his parachute


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