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Each Tricks has been Personal Selected by Jersey Jim for Easy of Use and Maximum Amazement!

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Kids Love Having Their Own Magic Wands!
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Jersey Jim's Jumbo
Magic Wands
Complete with Instructions
$3.00 each

Jersey Jim's AbraKidabra
Magic Activity Fun Book

Jersey Jim's Magic Secrets Book for Older Kids.  Learn How To Levitate!

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Jersey Jim's Official Magic Kit
12 Great Tricks plus a 32-page book Jim has written explaining the clever secrets!

Amazing and Easy-To-Do Coin Trick.  Turn a Penny into a Quarter! $2.00

Amaze Your Friends With Jersey Jim's Two Card Monte Magic Trick!

Jersey Jim Svengali Deck!
With this deck of trick cards you can immediately perform sleight-of-hand miracles that would normal take years to learn!



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