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What Other Parents Say

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Preschool Testimonial

Preschool Testimonial

Christina Birthday Mom

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Laughs and Gasps ∑ Your Child is the Star of the Show
Your Child Will Float on a Magic Carpet!

Jersey Jim Makes Birthday Child Float at Birthday Magic Show
Floating Birthday Child!

"Jim, your show was awesome!  My son was dying with laughter!"
--Jack Black

Jersey Jim Kids Magician Makes Kids Laugh Like Crazy
Jersey Jim is so Funny!

Best Kids Magician Jersey Jim Laughing Kids
Non-Stop Laughter

Rocky the Live Rabbit!

Best Birthday Magician Jersey Jim Makes Kids Laugh
3 year old Birthdays

Magic Show Birthday Party Boy with Jersey Jim
Magic Wand and Diploma!

magic show birthday party with Jersey Jim Laughing Girls
Sisters Double the Fun

Funniest Kids Magician Jersey Jim Makes Kids Laugh at Birthday Magic Show
Gaggle of Giggles


Four Exciting and Affordable Packages to Make Your Child's Birthday Unforgettable

  • The Comedy Magic Show

40-minute laugh-athon of Jim's original comedy magic routines that you will see from no other magician.  The birthday child is the star of the show and receives balloon sculptures, a jumbo magic wand, and magic diploma in a wizard graduation ceremony.  Every child gets a jumbo magic dollar.  A funny puppet and appearing yummy cookies round out the show!  (Can be performed indoors or outdoors.)

  • Deluxe Rabbit Show

50-minute comedy magic show featuring the production of a LIVE RABBIT.  The birthday child will turn a puppet rabbit into a real rabbit in Jimís original, heart-warming Velveteen Rabbit routine.  Guaranteed to melt every heart.  In addition to the previous show benefits, this package also features a beautiful curtain to turn your venue into a theater, a magic activity book, and balloon sculptures for the birthday child and siblings.  (Indoor performances or outside shade required.)

  • Floating Child Extravaganza

A non-stop, one-hour comedy magic show followed by balloon sculptures for every child at your party regardless of how many.  (Usually 1.5 to 2  hours.)  The Floating Child Extravaganza includes everything from the Deluxe Rabbit Show, plus THE BIRTHDAY CHILD ACTUALLY FLOATS in the air during the climatic routine, "The Mystery of Pharaoh's Throne!"  (This levitation illusion is usually only performed on a professional stage; we are proud to be able to bring it to your home.)  In addition, the birthday child receives the official Jersey Jim magic kit. see below.  (Indoor performances only.)

  • Complete Party Package

Relax and let us do all the entertaining for.  You supply the food and Jersey Jim does the rest.  The children are entertained for a full 2nd hour for only an additional $75!  The Complete Party Package includes a Magic Show, a 15 minute food/cake break, followed by a 2nd hour of exciting games which we call The Official Jersey Jim Olympic Games!  (The birthday child always wins the Olympic gold metal.  Indoor or outdoor.)

  • New!  Jersey Jim's Magic Class (for 8 and older)

Does your child love magic?  Would they like to learn the special secrets that magicians have protected and past down for centuries?  Jersey Jim's Magic Class is the perfect solution.  In Jim's 1 hour class, the children not only learn the trade secrets and concepts that only professional magicians know, but they also learn how to successfully present the magic tricks as well.  Talk about confidence building!  Talk about proud and excited smiles!  The children take turns performing the tricks they have learned and which they will use to amaze their friends and family for years to come.  

Jim is a talented and inspiring teacher who holds two California teaching credentials. Jim's Magic Class is appropriate for ages 8 and above and runs 1 hour.

PS:   Each show is customized to the age of your child and employs a musical soundtrack and sound effects

PPS:  Full money back guarantee if you are not completely delighted

PPPS:  Parents often ask how long the children float.  I always tell them, "Long enough for dinner and a movie."


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Enter your information and I'll send you COMPLETE pricing & package details for your child's amazing birthday party entertainment:

As a bonus for requesting information youíll also receive my report: "How To Send Your Child's Birthday Joy Into Orbit!"

jersey jim floating a birthday girl
Floating Birthday Child!

Jersey Jim and Jack Black
"Jim, your show was awesome!  My son was dying with laughter!"
--Jack Black, movie star

birthday magic show by jersey jim
Jersey Jim is so Funny!

 Magic Gifts For the Birthday Child & Guests 

 "So Much Better than Goodie Bags!" 

Jersey Jim offers a refreshing alternative to the old, birthday goodie bags.  Choose magical gifts that fit your entertainment's theme.  The children will be so excited by the magic in the show that they will LOVE getting their own magical gifts.  It will enhance their excitement and continue their happy memories of the magic show.

Each magic gift has been specially selected or created by Jersey Jim for its age-appropriate easy-of-use and maximum amazement!  Jim will even teach the kids how to do the tricks after the show!  The magic gifts also offer a wonderful opportunity for parent-child bonding and self-esteem building as parent and child both learn the tricks together from Jim's clearly illustrated instructions.

Why not save yourself the hassle of putting together goodie bags and worrying if the kids will like them.  Give the kids what they really want:  Magic Tricks!  The jumbo magic wands are a great alternative to goodie bags.  So are the magic books, which the kids will keep for years to come.   

Jersey Jim giving bitthday boy magic wand
Kids Love Having Their Own Magic Wands!
Much Better than Goodie Bags!

Official Jersey Jim Magic Wand
Jersey Jim's Jumbo
Magic Wands
Complete with Instructions
$3.00 each

Jersey Jim Magic book
Jersey Jim's AbraKidabra
Magic Activity Fun Book

Magic book by Jersey Jim
Jersey Jim's Magic Secrets Book for Older Kids.
Learn How To Levitate!

Jersey Jim Magic Kit
Jersey Jim's Official Magic Kit
12 Great Tricks plus a 32-page book Jim has written explaining the clever secrets!  $15.00

magician jersey jim magic coin trick for sale
Amazing and Easy-To-Do Coin Trick.  Turn a Penny into a Quarter! $2.00

jersey jim card trick for sale
Amaze Your Friends With Jersey Jim's Two Card Monte Magic Trick!

jersey jim magic deck of cards for sale


Jersey Jim Svengali Deck!
With this deck of trick cards you can immediately perform sleight-of-hand miracles that would normal take years to learn!


Free Downloads

jj invite
Click here for Party Invitation

jersey jim coloring sheet
Click here for the Jersey Jim Coloring Page

jersey jim magic trick
Click here for a Free Magic Trick


(Jim regularly performs at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  Jim is also the resident magician at "Giggles & Hugs" in Century City)


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Call now for further details.  Book early because Jersey Jim is popular

(310)313-3730 ∑


Unleash Your Child's Greatest Birthday Joy

Make your child's special day an unforgettable event.  A birthday when THEY BECOME A STAR performing impossible magical feats in front of an applauding audience of friends and family.  Their self confidence will soar.

One day can impact a life

Some people believe a day can change the course of a life.  Others may find that hard to believe.  Until they look into the proud and joyful eyes of a child as they soak in the applause after levitating in mid-air atop a royal throne!  That's right, your child will float!


This is the type of personal attention your child can't get at amusement parks or larger party events.  Only a personal performance that is custom-made for your child can deliver this unique experience.

Children love to feel empowered.  There is a science to doing just that!

Children love to feel empowered, especially over an adult.  Anytime children can catch an adult in a mistake, it is a very powerful and positive experience for them.


The Jersey Jim show includes entertaining "mistakes" that the children can correct.  Whether it's Jim misnaming a color, failing to see something that they see, or needing the birthday child to say the magic words before a trick works, your child will feel that special glow as they become the center of everyone's attention and admiration.


Children also love to help the magician.  The kids are constantly helping Jersey Jim make the magic happen.  Sometimes, the entire audience dances to Jim's custom soundtracks to create the miracles.

For a child, it's the ride that counts more than the final destination

Every Jersey Jim routine is an original, fun-filled game with music and costumes that climaxes in a powerful magical effect.  The adults will be amazed, too, as they also enjoy the non-stop comedy.


You will be charmed by the sight of your own children showing a new side of themselves in Jersey Jim's roller-coaster ride of slapstick fun, laughter, heartfelt emotion, and magical wonder.